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Introducing the CX Accelerator The fastest path for visionaries to break the inertia.

The LCG CX Accelerator is a proven method to identify, plan, and fund desired business outcomes using a flexible, rapid, customer-centric approach.
Why Visionaries Benefit:
  • Flexibility: The CX Accelerator is a proven process that provides freedom within a framework.
  • Speed: Our boutique size allows us to streamline our collective mindshares—yours and ours—on the fastest path to cash.
  • Independence: Trained design thinking facilitators and agnostic advisors can accelerate your ability to break the inertia and arrive at transformational investments.
  • Risk mitigation: Our experience as trusted advisor to 100+ digital transformation initiatives for over 20 years culminated in this proven methodology.
  • Break the inertia: Build consensus and secure approvals from all relevant stakeholders, including senior management, business units, and shared services.

Our consultants have walked the path that you’re walking now. Our collective mindshare is incorporated in this flexible and proven CX Accelerator.


Download the LCG CX Accelerator Overview